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Welcome to Ultimate Clean! West Dunbartonshire’s Premier domestic cleaning service.

What You Can Expect From Us

Ultimate Clean. Domestic Cleaners, West Dunbartonshire.

We understand that each household possesses distinct cleaning needs, influenced by factors like property size, family lifestyle, and the number of occupants. This is why, at Ultimate Clean, domestic cleaners, we are dedicated to providing dependable house cleaning services tailored to suit your individual requirements.

What Is Our Routine Domestic Cleaning Service?With us, you have the privilege of a fully customisable home cleaning service. You are in control of the cleaning frequency, whether you prefer daily, weekly, or fortnightly sessions. You hold the reins in crafting your personalised cleaning checklist, outlining priority tasks that our domestic cleaners will diligently adhere to. Moreover, you have the choice regarding cleaning products – you can opt to supply your own or, upon request, our cleaners can bring their own supplies. Your part of the equation involves ensuring that essential cleaning tools, such as a mop, bucket, and vacuum cleaner, are available. Should you desire consistency, we can arrange for the same local cleaner to visit your home on each occasion.

Here’s a glimpse of the exemplary areas and tasks we can direct our attention to during your house cleaning session:

Living Room

  • Careful dusting and surface wiping.
  • Interior window polishing.
  • Meticulous vacuuming and mopping.
  • Thorough skirting board cleaning.
  • Comprehensive furniture cleaning.
  • Efficient bin emptying.


  • Diligent dishwashing.
  • Methodical mopping.
  • Extensive polishing of kitchen appliance interiors.
  • Precise cleaning of kitchen surfaces.


  • Sink maintenance.
  • Attentive cleaning of the bathroom radiator and taps.
  • Polishing of tiles.
  • Thorough scrubbing of the bath and shower cabin.
  • Rigorous toilet bowl disinfection.


  • Thorough vacuuming and dusting.
  • Change bedsheets and bedding
  • Complete cleaning and polishing of all surfaces, including bed frames, doors, and handles.
  • Organise clothing and cupboards
  • Anything else you need, just ask


  • Careful cleaning of light switches and furniture
  • Floor cleaning, including skirtings
  • Thoughtful dusting of picture frames
  • Clean the front door area.
  • Anything else you need, just ask.

Other, Just Ask

  • We understand individual needs.
  • We will follow your direction if requested.
  • Provide us instruction etc.
  • As long as it is possible for us to help, we’ll do our best.
  • Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our Weekly Service

We Clean

Our expert cleaners stick to the task and get everything clean. The first clean is often the toughest, but it is also the most rewarding as our customers get to see the fantastic results our cleaners achieve.

We keep it clean

On the next visit, our cleaners arrive as scheduled and clean everything as they did during the first clean. The best and most popular service we offer is a weekly visit. This way we keep on top of your needs!

We organise

We don't just clean your home. We can help you in many ways, such organising cupboards, fridges etc. We'll change bedding if you leave some out. Don't be hesitant to ask. We're happy to help!

Ultimate Clean Guarantee

We aim to never let our customers down and always deliver the highest possible standards. This is why we offer you a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the service you received from us, we will return your money without question. We hope in this instance, you would provide us with as much information as to what went wrong so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again. But thanks to our high standards and expert cleaning team, we are more than confident you will appreciate the service we provide. Whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or sporadic visits.

Starting at just £13 p/h

Our pricing structure offers clarity to our customers. We aim to offer the best service for the lowest price possible, especially in these testing times. For best prices, or bang for your buck, our weekly/fortnightly packages offer the best value for money.


Our affordable, expert services. Available daily, weekly or monthly at competitive rates.